StrongHer Together

The Initiative

They provide a one-of-a-kind, customised approach to high-quality, goal-oriented training. Their coaching staff is well-educated, certified, and competent. You will collaborate with your Coach, who will design a programme to assist you reach your training objectives. Your Coach will provide you the confidence and information you need to accomplish your fitness goals. StrongHER together Coaching & Personal Training tailors your programme to your fitness and wellness objectives, whether you want to build muscle, reduce weight, or learn how to live an active and healthy lifestyle. You will discuss your own goals and timetable with your Coach in order to develop a plan of action with short-term and long-term objectives.

Join them and take the first step toward being StrongHER than you were the day before. Fill out their application now to meet with a Coach!

The Uprising

StrongHER together: The Movement teaches disadvantaged girls, women, and people of marginalized identities how to build their bodies from the inside out. The Movement assists girls of color in finding their voice via an intersectional feminist program devoted to boosting self-esteem, self-image, questioning gender and social standards, and teaching the power and Olympic lifts. In a nutshell, StrongHER together is committed to educating girls of color on how to support one another and lift heavy-ass weights.

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